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People come to you to with a need, but they’ll stay with you because of the services you offer and so to grow your business you need to make sure that you meet and exceed their expectations on a daily basis.

You need to address issues that arise quickly and effectively. You need to foresee their needs and offer a scalability of service that grows as they do. You need to ensure that you can offer your clients the solution they need rather than just the one they think they can afford.

HPE and Westcoast understand the Channel and our long partnership as allowed us to develop solutions that will allow you to accomplish all of these things.

From extended warranty and support contracts, to scalable technology to innovative financial solutions that enable them to plan and build for the future, Westcoast and HPE have it covered.

Take a look at some of the solutions we have available.

Today, IT is expected to deliver secure, reliable services while also enabling rapid business transformation. This new kind of IT requires a new kind of support. Only Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides the complete support you need to compete and win.

HPE Services & Support
- Foundation Care:

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Resolve problems no matter where they occur - HPE Foundation Care reduces complexity by providing coverage for HPE hardware and software, along with upgrades, diagnosis, and problem resolution support for major independent software vendor (ISV) products. One call helps resolve problems for hardware, firmware, or software. For x86 servers, HPE Foundation Care provides a single point of contact for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and select third-party software.

HPE Services & Support - Foundation Care

Make the most of resources while preparing for growth—our unique combination of automated support and Hewlett Packard Enterprise expertise helps you make full use of resources, budgets, and IT talent while advancing your business toward innovative, high-value growth.

HPE Foundation Care Call to Repair Service

Offers 24x7 service, including on Hewlett Packard Enterprise holidays, with a six-hour call-to-repair time, where our commitment is to have the hardware operational within six hours after your call is opened. Software support is 24x7 with a 2-hour response time.

HPE Foundation Care 24x7 Service

HPE Foundation Care Next Business Day Service

The HPE Foundation Care Services portfolio includes two exchange support services for networking products:

HPE Foundation Care 4 Hour Exchange Service

HPE Foundation Care Next Business Day Exchange Service

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