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mobility and security
mobility and security mobility and security

Mobility & Security

Mobility & Security must go hand in hand. You cannot truly have one without the other, and both are vital components in the modern economy.

Mobility has transformed the way we live and work, and HPE are at the forefront of the technology that is making this revolution possible.

HPE simplifies your mobility modernisation with an end-to-end portfolio of mobility software, infrastructure and unified communications. In partnership with Westcoast they provide products, services and integration specialists – including market-leading offerings from Aruba.

Mobility also demands vigilance, and innovations such as Aruba ClearPass will enable the flexibility required without compromising security.

The pages that follow will give you an overview of these individual elements and the Westcoast team stand ready to answer any questions you may have.

At Westcoast, our mission is to bring the very best IT products and accessories to customers like you. Therefore, we're hugely excited to tell you about our latest product partnership.

We've teamed up with HPE Aruba to offer a complete range of market-leading, next generation networking solution products.

These products will give your customers the confidence to install safe, efficient and suitable IT networks that support the mobile-first, cloud-first business Apps that are critical to the success of today’s #GenMobile work environments.

Aruba's model is really simple. Its mobile-first, cloud-first approach empowers your customers to implement a networking solution that addresses the fundamental changes in today’s business environment – the move towards the digital workplace and the explosion of big data. Aruba brings the flexibility that today's business world – and your customers – demand. Now you can offer it to them as a complete networking solution.

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