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HPE Servers

HPE Hybrid - Servers:

HPE servers are ready to power any size workload your customers can hurl at them. Converged, software-defined, cloud-ready – put HPE servers at the core of your customer’s infrastructure

With HPE servers you're delivering a powerful core component of your customer's computing infrastructure. HPE servers are platforms renowned for their resilience, pioneering innovation, complete support – and superb value.

That's why HPE is the number 1 server vendor worldwide, shipping over 4 every single minute.

HPE Hybrid Servers

Tower Servers:

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SMB Servers

If you serve small or medium sized organisations you know they need simple, reliable, and secure IT solutions that propel their productivity into high gear and let them focus on what counts – their business.

HPE SMB servers are designed to be simple to deliver, easy to use, and affordable for your customers.

  • Provide core IT systems – quickly.
  • Enable technology in businesses with limited IT expertise and infrastructure.
  • 3DC Peer Persistence: Extreme high availability feature with full Peer Persistence functionality.
  • Flexible and scalable to accommodate growth.

HPE Hybrid – Servers – Rack Servers:

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Rack Servers

HPE rack servers are a highly cost-effective solution for an organisation looking to increase computing while squeezing space requirements. Packed within the dense 1 and 2U chassis formats, HPE rack servers have a superb combination of expandability, performance, reliability and manageability. Just the thing for both SMBs and enterprise level organisations looking to embrace the New Style of IT.


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Converged Systems

Businesses today face many issues with workloads and business demands. These environments face significant challenges, such as keeping up with business demands, limited IT staff, complex and difficult to maintain tools, and infrastructure that is difficult to deploy and manage.

HPE Hyper Converged solutions address these issues with a simple, intuitive virtualized solution that can be managed by a few IT generalists vs. numerous IT specialists.

You can reduce their cost of ownership and help them enjoy greater flexibility to meet the demands placed on their business.

Cut the time to install and commission pre-validated, factory-tested configurations. Set up IT services in minute, not hours. Simply client systems with integrated, workload-optimized systems eliminating complex and unneeded silos.

The HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack is a compact, scalable 2U, rack-mounted building block that delivers server, storage and storage networking services. It also provides a complete set of advanced functionality that enables dramatic improvements to the efficiency, management, protection, and performance of virtualized workloads – all at a fraction of the cost and complexity of today's traditional infrastructure stack.


HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack is the only Hyperconverged solution that deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes all data globally, improving performance, and guaranteeing 90% capacity savings across storage and backup. It is also the only Hyperconverged solution that delivers policy-based, VM-centric management to simplify day-to-day operations and enable data mobility, increasing productivity.
Other key features:-

  • Assimilation of core datacentre functions: HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack combines the hypervisor, compute, storage, storage network switching, backup, replication, cloud gateway, caching, WAN optimization, real-time deduplication, and more.
  • Cloud economics with enterprise capabilities: HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack delivers the agility, elasticity, and affordability of cloud computing coupled with the performance, reliability, and resiliency of on-premises infrastructure.
  • Cost savings: Independent studies show that running VMs on HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged infrastructure is 22% to 49% less expensive than running them in a comparable Amazon Web Services environment, when considering total costs over a three-year period.

SimpliVity 5 HyperGuarantee

  • HyperEfficient – 90% capacity savings across storage and backup combined
  • HyperProtected – 60-seconds or less on average for local backup or restore of a 1 TB VM
  • HyperSimple – Three clicks to backup, restore, clone or move a VM from a single console
  • HyperManageable – 60-seconds or less on average to create or update backup policies for 1000's of vm’s across dozens of remote sites from a single console
  • HyperAvailable – Add or remove a local or remote SimpliVity system without downtime, without interruption to local or remote backups, and without reconfiguration of backup policies or IP address.

HPE Hybrid – Servers – EC200A:

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HPE Easy Connect is a Managed Hybrid Server Solution that will allow you to control and optimise every aspect of your clients IT infrastructure remotely.

Be it provisioning of Virtual Machines, Identity Access Management, passwords, security….in fact anything and everything that a client would historically be expected to do themselves can now be managed by you through Easy Connect.

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HPE Hybrid – Servers – Composable:

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The Top Ten Reasons to Move to Composable Infrastructure

Why Composable Infrastructure matters to your business



Cloud-like speed
Composable Infrastructure enables DevOps teams to spin up new services in minutes to get new experiences into customers’ hands faster, delivering cloud-like speed from your own secure datacenter.


Single platform
Run traditional applications and cloud-native apps from a single platform that supports everything from bare-metal deployment to virtual machines and containers. This allows IT to align behind a single platform to reduce datacenter complexity and cost.



Intelligent software recognizes and automatically integrates compute, storage, and fabric into resource pools that can be aggregated and disaggregated to meet the needs of any application. Template-driven provisioning helps ensure policy compliance and reduces risk exposure.


Operational efficiency
Remove the need to stand up separate siloed environments for dierent applications. Automated provisioning via templates and a unified API enables application infrastructure provisioning in minutes instead of days, bringing cloud-giant eiciency to your datacenter.



Continuous development
Developers can request exactly the amount of compute, storage, and networking fabric their applications need, directly from code. The unified API aggregates physical resources just like virtual and public-cloud resources, giving developers true infrastructure-as-code capabilities.


Fluid IT
Accelerate application development by giving DevOps teams more control over their environments. Fluid resource pools allow developers to execute non-disruptive changes and to continuously refine applications to meet customer needs as they arise.



IT economics
Template-driven provisioning and non-disruptive updates mean IT spends less time maintaining infrastructure, reducing labor costs. Fluid pools of resources that can be aggregated on demand increase utilization and reduce over-provisioning and stranded capacity.


Competitive advantages
Bridging the performance and control of dedicated infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud allows lines-of-business to accelerate delivery of new customer experiences and revenue opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.



Future-proofed datacenter
Be ready for whatever the future might bring with a scalable and extendable infrastructure and robust partner ecosystem that provides a firm foundation for today’s hybrid IT and the capacity and flexibility to take future innovations in stride.


Seamless evolution
Starting with as little as a half-rack of gear, Composable Infrastructure can be deployed easily and incrementally, side-by-side with your existing infrastructure. Deploy it as part of your standard refresh cycle to grow your capabilities at a pace that makes sense for your business.


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